17 February 2014

Close-up of female profileA news website focusing on cutting-edge technological developments reports this morning that the first Cosmetic Surgical procedure has taken place in which the Surgeon wore a tiny Google Glass interactive computer device. The Surgeon involved, Dr Anil Shah, of the University of Chicago, said the technology had shown some important benefits."It helps the surgeon concentrate more on the case and more on whats relevant, and gets rid of the distractions from the outside, Dr Shah told Droidreport.com. "In surgery your focus is on what you see straight ahead in a fairly narrow window," he added. His first procedure using a trial version of the device was a Rhinoplasty to repair the nose of a patient who had damaged it in an amusement park fall. Dr Shah was able to use the device to check photos and patient records while still working, and also photographing what he was doing, providing live streamed images of his work which could be seen by medical students and other physicians. Should a Cosmetic Surgeon be able to share his work with peers in this way? Would knowing that they were willing to let others see what he or she was doing make you more confident in them? Let us know your thoughts on Facebook.