Five bad reasons to have cosmetic surgery

24 March 2011

Cosmetic surgery divides people. There is no doubt that it is a controversial topic, but only because of the lack of understanding around the huge variety of reasons why people choose to undergo procedures to alter their appearance. Below we talk about five bad reasons to have cosmetic surgery: 1.    To please other people Cosmetic surgery should never be undertaken as a direct result of other people’s views or comments on your appearance. Having surgery under these circumstances presents a degree of unnecessary risk to emotional stability and well-being and may lead to regrets in the long term. 2.    To speed up / pre-empt natural growth / changes in body shape Girls and boys who have not fully grown or developed should avoid having plastic surgery to change the shape of their bodies. Having breast implants, chest reduction surgery or liposuction may prove completely unnecessary in the long run, and can pose its own health risks and lead to emotional instability. 3.    To lose weight quickly Liposuction was never designed to offer a quick weight loss solution to overweight people, but is instead meant to be used by those who are of a healthy size and weight for their height and build but who have areas of fat that are impossible to shift using exercise and healthy eating alone. 4.    To iron out very fine lines and wrinkles Fine lines and wrinkles can be treated with non-surgical treatments such as dermal fillers and Botox, and in a lot of cases this is a better and less drastic option than face lift or brow lift surgery. A reputable cosmetic surgery clinic will be able to advise on the best option for you. 5.    To reduce breast / chest size when you are overweightBreast reduction and male chest reduction surgery should only be considered in cases where the patient is of a healthy size and weight for their height and build and not those who are overweight. Overweight patients should be advised to reach a healthy target weight before these types of surgery are considered.