05 December 2011

Everybody loves a good myth, like the fact that pulling out a grey hair will make two grow in its place, and shaving your legs makes the hair grow back thicker. Here we talk about the myths associated with cosmetic surgery, and the facts according to The Harley Medical Group: 1. MYTH Like tattoos, cosmetic surgery is addictive and a lot of people go on to have multiple procedures. FACT 95% of patients will only have one procedure, and they will only do that after several years of thought and research. 2. MYTH Women who have breast enlargement surgery want to have really large breasts, like glamour model Jordan. FACT Most women only go up by one or two cup sizes and the average size is a C cup. Women are now wanting a more natural look opting for a tear-drop shaped implant rather than the traditional round high contour. 3. MYTH Many people view cosmetic surgery as just another beauty treatment because it is so commonplace. FACT Research shows that the average patient thinks about their surgery for two to three years before going ahead. 4. MYTH More men are now having cosmetic surgery than women. FACT While many more men are having cosmetic surgery than in previous years, still only make up 17% of patients at The Harley Medical Group. 5. MYTH People have cosmetic surgery to stand out. FACT Most cosmetic surgery patients dont have a procedure to stand out; they have treatment to help them fit in. Got any others? Let us know at The Harley Medical Group Facebook page