13 June 2012

More than five million bacteria can typically be found on the handle of a single, disposable shaving razor. This is according to research carried out by Microban Europe, which also found that 100 million bacteria could also live in a toothbrush and 1,000 on a mobile phone. Among the strains of bacteria found during the testing was E. coli, a bacteria known to cause serious sickness in humans. Tests also showed that 80 per cent of shopping trolley handles were found to be harbouring E. Coli, and that keyboards have ‘150 times the acceptable limit of bacteria and five times the amount on a toilet seat’, according to an infographic published in the Metro.Experts in the cosmetic surgery industry have long championed the benefits of laser hair removal for men and women, and this revelation in relation to shaving razors would point to the treatment not only being more effective, but also potentially more hygienic. Dr Lisa Ackerley, an environmental health expert, advised people to ‘wash the objects [razors and toothbrushes for example] in boiling water’ to ‘reduce the amount of bacteria’. See original story here: http://www.metro.co.uk/news/901878-5m-bacteria-breed-on-your-razor-because-of-humid-bathrooms