18 February 2013

Woman removing bandages from faceFebruary and March are the best months to undergo cosmetic surgery in time to ensure the best results for your summer holiday. That advice comes from post-surgery recovery specialist Nouvelle, which makes a variety of products to help patients in that process. "The end of the winter season is perhaps the best time to schedule cosmetic procedures," said Dawn Cover, president of Nouvelle.Major factors for this include that the cooler temperatures of February and March can help reduce post-operative skin swelling more quickly, and it is more comfortable to wear the necessary compression clothing and covering layers needed to protect sites where work has been carried out. An early spring procedure also means a patient is most likely to have family and friends around them to give valuable support. It is also the right time to get back on track if any new year resolutions are showing signs of falling by the wayside, to help ensure that people get back on the right track for summer. But probably most importantly, it allows sufficient recovery time before the results of any treatment can be confidently shown off.