Forget contouring! Caking is the way to a clear complexion

Forget contouring! Caking is the way to a clear complexion

3 July 2015

There’s a new beauty buzz word in town, just as we’d mastered contouring and tried our hand to strobing, beauty vloggers reveal ‘caking’ as the secret to long-wearing flawless make-up.

In a YouTube tutorial with over 310,000 views, one beauty vlogger demonstrates the caking technique favoured by celebrity make-up artists to ensure that make-up stays put even under hot lights.

“It’s used as a way of really setting the foundation into the skin so it lasts longer, without the need to reapply powder constantly” make-up artist Tonee Roberio explained.  The technique involves brushing the face with a setting spray and a layer of translucent powder, waiting for between 10 and 30 minutes, then brushing off the excess powder.

The vloggers caking tutorial breaks the technique down into several steps:

  • Firstly she advises using an eye cream or serum to hydrate the skin and reduce any lines or creases.
  • Then she applies three different types of concealer, each with a thick texture.
  • Being sure to first blend away any creases, she then uses the edge of a foundation sponge to apply a setting spray on top of the concealer.
  • Next comes a liberally applied layer of translucent powder.
  • Wait for 10 minutes.
  • Finally dust away the excess powder – and voila!

The technique has been popular among the drag community for years, as it makes sure make-up stays intact under hot stage lights. Though some make-up artists warn the result can look harsh in natural light. 

Wayne Goss advises, “Bake under your cheekbones or on your nose, as opposed to under the eyes, where people tend to have more lines… you don’t have to bake to the same intensity that you see on YouTube. Balance it out so you don’t have too much texture on the skin.”

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Image credit: PLUSH Photo/ Shutterstock