Forget the teacup pose – for the perfect selfie it’s all about the squince!

Forget the teacup pose – for the perfect selfie it’s all about the squince!

30 July 2015

In the age of social media, when one dodgy photo can haunt you online for eternity, we’ve all got a go-to photo pose. Whether it’s a ‘better side’ of your face, a slimming side angle, a bingo-wing-busting tea-cup stance or a sultry pout, everyone has a favourite.

Celebrities are no exception and who better to learn the perfect pose from than the women who are photographed for a living. Karlie Kloss, Cara Delvingne and Mila Kunis have all been snapped pulling the squince – the most flattering facial expression of them all… apparently.

The squince is all about adding definition to the face by accentuating your angles. By subtly narrowing the eyes, sucking in the cheeks and pursing the lips, you’ll tighten your facial muscles for the best looking selfies you’ve ever taken!

Here’s our step by step guide to the perfect selfie squince:

  • Firstly, angle the camera so it’s pointing down from above your face. This is by far the most flattering (and slimming) angle no matter what face your pulling!
  • Gently narrow your eyes. If this step is too obvious the whole picture will look odd, the trick is to tighten your lower eyelid just a little.
  • Press your lips together and pout. If you’re not sure about this it can help to pretend you’re blowing bubbles.
  • Now your lips are in place you’ll be able to work out how much you can pull your cheeks in without throwing the whole look off. Even just a little pull will add attractive definition.

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Image credit: Shutterstock