20 April 2012

Former Miss America and star of hit US show Ugly Betty, Vanessa Williams, has revealed her attitude towards Botox. Writing in her memoir, entitled You Have No Idea, Williams states that “no one talks about it [Botox], but everyone does it”. She goes on to say that she ensures her doctors perform the procedure gently so as not to impede the facial expressions she needs in order to be a successful actress.The 49-year-old was the first woman of African-American descent to be crowned Miss America, but she relinquished the crown early due to a scandal involving nude pictures of her. She has since rebuilt her career as a pop singer and actress, with roles in Desperate Housewives and Ugly Betty – for the latter she received three Emmy nominations. Her earlier career saw her hit the Billboard Top 100 with single Dreamin’, and with her album The Comfort Zone, which topped the R&B charts in 1991. See original story here: http://www.grinza.com/index.php/201204191160/Latest/Vanessa-Williams-comes-clean-about-Botox.html