19 August 2013

Woman showing sunburned fleshAs the last dregs of summer disappear into the dark, dank cold of autumn and winter, youll want to make as much of the last few rays of sun as you can. It is important, in your last desperate attempt to top up your tan, that you dont forget to look after your skin here are some of the best ways to keep yourself safe:DermapenAn advanced technology that helps to tighten, rejuvenate and lift the skin. The procedure makes use of a micro-needling device that has an automated needling motion. This helps topical serums, like hyaluronic acid, hydrogenated collagen and PRP, penetrate the skin to give it a youthful appearance.ExfoliateAfter you have been out in the sun, it is important to exfoliate. But it also weakens the skin, so it is just as important to avoid sunlight immediately after doing so. Human skin is constantly renewing itself and this causes old skin cells on the surface to die. However, ageing and dry skin usually prevents the dead skin cells from sloughing off.Sunscreen with zinc oxideEveryone knows you should wear sunscreen, but it is important to pick the correct type. The higher the SPF the better. The presence of zinc oxide gives the sunscreen a mild antimicrobial and wound healing properties. Also, zinc oxide is non-comedogenic.Use antioxidantMany people do not realise the importance of using antioxidant every day. Antioxidants help to negate the effect of free radicals, boost production of collagen and give the skin a youthful and radiant appearance.