14 September 2010

Britain's women could learn a lot about glamour by looking across the Channel to France, according to beauty experts. The country is well known for its glamorous ladies and even the wife of the French president is a fan of non surgical cosmetic treatments.Writing for Mail Online, Sean Poulter revealed that the women of France spend twice as much on beauty products as their British counterparts, with annual spending on creams and other beauty solutions totalling 1.85 billion a year in the country, compared to 854 million in the UK. A recent study also revealed that French women have fewer hang-ups about some areas of their bodies than Brits, with only 27 per cent identifying their stomachs as areas they are not happy with - compared to 44 per cent of British women who said they would like to improve their midriffs. However, French women were found to be more concerned about other areas overall, with 43 per cent saying they were worried about chunky thighs and 38 per cent concerned about their breasts, compared to 31 per cent and 30 per cent of Brits respectively. Poulter added that French women appear to have more inspirational public figures, such as 42-year-old Carla Bruni, who is believed to have boosted her looks with treatments such as Botox and skin peels. Nica Lewis of Mintel Beauty Innovation explained the changing trends in skin care among different age groups, stating: "Ageing skin is no longer only a worry for older consumers. Younger women are now paying more attention to preventing wrinkles while they can rather than trying to cure them at a later stage."