Frida Giannini open to Line & Wrinkle treatment

22 August 2014

In an industry where it’s all about looking your best, it can be tough to maintain a flawless appearance – however, when you’re creative director at Gucci, there’s a whole array of options to ensure you’re on top form. Frida Giannini shares her thoughts on beauty, Line & Wrinkle treatment, and that time she went Goth…When did Frida start wearing makeup?Aged 14 or 15, Frida experimented with the styles of the 80s – however, she did have a moment where everything was black: “I had black hair and black lipstick. Nice? No!”What are Frida’s feelings on Cosmetic Surgery and Line & Wrinkle treatment?Frida is totally open to the idea of Line & Wrinkle treatment, as long as the result looks natural. She says: “If there is a woman who doesn’t accept herself because of her age and wrinkles and she can do something to feel better, then maybe. The important thing is never to do too much.”When it comes to makeup, is there one particular move a Gucci woman should never make?No – because a Gucci woman always takes a risk. Do you play it safe, or do you enjoy pushing beauty boundaries? Tweet us your thoughts on Twitter now.