03 January 2014

Woman's bottomWhen it comes to the lengths to which people will go to look after their skin, it seems that Friends star Jennifer Aniston is setting the bar ever higher. Website Femalefirst.co.uk has repeated figures first quoted in the Daily Mail, which suggest that the 44-year-old spends up to 3,000 a month on skincare products, and another 1,200 on Laser Treatments. Regular monthly appointments at a leading skincare establishment in Los Angeles set her back anything from a few hundred to several thousand pounds, the website reports.Yet, it also notes, one of Ms Aniston's favourite treatments is a bar of facial cleanser which is widely available at a price of just 3. But even when she's also rumoured to pay personal trainers as much as 2,400 a month to help her keep her enviable shape, it seems it's money well spent, according to Female First's Taryn Davies. "The actress looks incredible, and those bikini shots of her over Christmas certainly made us say no to the mince pies," she writes.