From Beyoncé to Miranda Kerr – famous beauty icons around the world

From Beyoncé to Miranda Kerr – famous beauty icons around the world

30 April 2015

Our perception of beauty changes depending on where we live. In the UK, the emphasis tends to be on contoured cheeks and achieving a healthy glow, whereas in Saudi Arabia, it’s all about piling on the makeup. In France, it’s a different story altogether, with natural beauty given preferential status. So we’ve delved deeper to find out which look is favoured around the globe – here are the world’s famous beauty icons.

  • USA – Beyoncé, Kim Kardashian and Karlie Kloss

Three main beauties stand out where the USA is concerned. Beyoncé is a ‘homegrown talent’, while Kim Kardashian’s flawless look has boosted cosmetic sales. On the other hand, model Karlie Kloss presents a wholesome, girl-next-door image.

  • Saudi Arabia – Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is number one in Saudi Arabia, on account of her heavily made-up, flawless looking skin. Women here love makeup, particularly brands such as MAC and Nars.

  • China – Sophie Marceau

In China, it’s the classic look and elegance of actress Sophie Marceau that makes her the favourite. Other aspirational beauties include Keira Knightly and Miranda Kerr.

  • Netherlands – Beyoncé

Dutch women favour Beyoncé on account of her hips – not forgetting that she’s super flawless All. The. Time.

  • Spain – Penelope Cruz

Penelope Cruz’ beauty and Mediterranean routes go down well in Spain. Ladies here also love that she’s proven hard work pays off – it’s a very aspirational quality.

  • Mexico/ Latin America – Miss Universe

Former Miss Colombia, Paulina Vega (also known as Miss Universe) has instilled a sense of pride among women in this region.

  • Australia – Gisele Bündchen

With her long, lean limbs, athletic build and blonde hair, Gisele Bündchen embodies everything about beauty in Australia.

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