From boob boosting biscuits to a Facelift balaclava – the world’s weirdest beauty tools

29 July 2015

It’s no secret that we go to some bizarre lengths in the name of beauty – vampire facial anyone? These beauty gadgets available primarily in Japan however, make the bamboozling array of products and treatments available in the UK look positively tame.

Here are some of the oddest devices popular overseas:

  • The Facewaver exercise mask

It looks like you may have misplaced the sort of bandage you wear on a sprained wrist, but the peach coloured balaclava claims to exercise the facial muscles for a toned, tight visage.

  • F-Cup cookies

This cleavage boosting snack contains an extract from the Pueraria Mirifica plant, which contains compounds that mimic female hormones. The ingredient has long been thought to increase boob size.

  • The facial lift at once trainer

Another facial exercise gadget, this device is held between the lips and gently pulses and vibrates to train the muscles.

  • Breast gymnastics hand massager

This hand shaped breast massager is supposed to correct sagging boobs by stimulating ligaments in the breast tissue for a perkier, firmer chest.

  • The Hana Tsun nose straightener

This painful looking, four pronged contraption is inserted into the nostrils to try and correct a slanted nose shape. By wearing two prongs inside and two parallel prongs outside of the nose the device claims to gradually realign the nose shape – a bit like a nasal brace.

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Image credit: Nomad_Soul / Shutterstock