Full bush or bare? Who cares it’s your body!

24 June 2015

The body hair debate has been making a lot of headlines recently. With celebrities from Miley Cyrus to Madonna flaunting their hairy under arms and a spate of Instagram users even dyeing their armpit hair a rainbow of colours in celebration of the razor-free life.

And now, with a London waxing boutique  reporting a new trend for Full Bush Brazilian waxes, some beauty journalists are reporting a female body hair come back. 

“We have seen a movement with regards to more hair wanted in the bikini area” says waxing specialist Maria-Louise Featherstone. But it also seems women – and why shouldn’t they – are just doing what they want with their own hair. “Some clients are directing our waxing therapists while on the bed to exactly what hair they would like removed and what hair they would like left behind” Featherstone continues.

Whichever camp you fall into, we’re all about body confidence at The Harley Medical Group.  For those who prefer to go bare, Laser Hair Removal is a virtually painless option that saves the hassle of regular shaving and waxing. And to those of you embracing the body hair trend – we salute you ladies!

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Image credit: mrkornflakes/Shutterstock