11 April 2011

Confidence and imperfect features such as teeth with gaps and wonky smiles are the secrets to true beauty, according to a survey of four cosmetic surgery experts. In a world obsessed with looks, The Daily Mail decided to ask four renowned surgeons what they thought being beautiful looked like and how they help patients to feel more confident. While all agreed that symmetry, balance and bone structure equated to most people’s ideal of beauty, they also had very specific views on beauty outside of this. Angelica Kavouni, director of a London medical practice, is influenced by classical elements of beauty and tries to enhance one or two key features and avoid giving patients trendy features. David Ross, senior plastic surgeon, feels the same way and believes that gappy teeth or asymmetric features can be what make a person attractive. Ross talks about Lauren Hutton, often seen as the first supermodel, and how the gaps in her teeth and her amazing bone structure made her “hugely attractive”. All agreed that getting good results is about working with the features their client has already got, not by blindly going with what the patient believes to be right when they attend the initial consultation.