06 September 2010

Former Calvin Klein model and singer of alternative rock band Garbage, Shirley Manson sparked a heated discussion over cosmetic surgery in the music industry this week, when she revealed she was considering having treatments to boost her career.The Edinburgh-born singer, who now lives in image-conscious Los Angeles, announced to her Facebook readers that she might considering having plastic surgery or non surgical treatments such as Botox and fillers, shortly after celebrating her 44th birthday. "I am 44 years old. That is ANCIENT in the world of entertainment," Shirley said. "That is even older in the world of music. I feel like if I stay true to myself I am screwing myself out of a job." In an industry dominated by youthful faces such as Miley Cyrus, The Saturdays and Taylor Momsen, mature singers find it increasingly difficult to compete in the music business - even someone like Shirley Manson, who has 14 million album sales behind her. Plastic surgeon Ken Stewart told the Scotsman that the need to look young has been a driving force of cosmetic surgery in recent years. "There is a well-known correlation - people who are young and fresh generally tend to have more successful careers," he explained. "People who are regarded as visually attractive are generally more successful and there's no doubt ... there's a correlation between visual attractiveness and youthful image and success." This isn't the first time Shirley Manson has revealed her anxieties about ageing. Speaking in 2008, the singer admitted: "The only thing that I don't like, that I really find painful, is living with the face and the body ageing. I find that hard. I don't like looking at it."