04 November 2008

New research has revealed that gay men are leading the demand for male cosmetic surgery procedures in the UK.

A study conducted by Gay Times, a leading gay magazine, showed that 22 per cent of respondents had undergone cosmetic surgery, with a further 69 per cent claiming that they would like to do so.

The biggest gains have been made in the fields of nose surgery (rhinoplasty), liposuction and male chest reduction. However, anti-ageing and non-invasive procedures have also seen a boost in popularity.

Commenting on the survey, Liz Dale, director of the Harley Medical Group, said: "Initially, men started coming in for nose jobs to correct sporting injuries, but the number of men coming in for liposuction and breast reduction has increased at an incredible rate over the last five years."

She added: "We are still seeing high demand for many of our non-surgical treatments among men... City boys are using Botox and 'fillers' to help them keep looking young."

According to the Independent, Patrick Preston from Millivres, the publisher behind Gay Times, said: "With the average gay man earning £5,203 more than the national average, gay men have a higher disposable income and, as a result, the pink pound is doing well."

The number of men seeking cosmetic surgery across the country, regardless of sexual orientation, has skyrocketed in the new century. The Harley Medical Group, for example, claims that there's been a 20 per cent increase in the number of men seeking surgery at its clinics over the last five years.