29 May 2012

Former England footballer Paul Gascoigne, widely known by his nickname Gazza, has turned to Botox injections to help achieve a new look. The 45-year-old is said to have embarked on a health kick, having battled alcohol addiction over a number of years. His new regime even involves the use of anti-ageing jabs in the form of Botox, and according to a report by The Northern Echo, he hasn't had a drink for two years.Gazza told the Times magazine: "Aye, I have that Botox now and again, nowt wrong with that." Along with using line and wrinkle treatments to improve his appearance, Gazza also works out in the gym every morning to stay in shape. He told The Northern Echo: "I have been good for a long time and nothing bothers me anymore. I am better than I have ever, ever been. "I'm happy with life and I love where I am in my life." The sports star launched Umbro's Faces of England campaign this week, as the supplier of the national team's kit looked to celebrate icons of English football ahead of the Euro 2012 competition which takes place this summer. See original story here: