'Gee Whizz Technology'

12 December 2006

Style Editor, Carrie Gorman says "I've seen the future, and its non surgical" she tried Aesthera PPx facial rejuvenation the "Seven minute - face lift" available at The Harley Medical Group.

The London Paper 'Gee Whizz Technology'

They're calling Aesthera PPx facial rejuvenation the "seven-minute facelift". It's painless, no needles, no knives, just a white light machine that pinches your skin, sucks the target and zaps it with light goodness. Such is the power of this laser treatment from the US, that it can treat anything from acne to rosacea and hair removal leaving skin feeling peachy, firm and, best of all, spot free. I've seen the future, and it's non surgical. Available from any of The Harley Medical Group's Non Surgical Solutions Clinics. 350 for a single treatment 1,450 for five treatment full course.

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