Generation Glam – why the over-50s look younger than ever

Generation Glam – why the over-50s look younger than ever

7 July 2016

Generation Glam – why the over-50s look younger than ever

Gone are the days when women of a certain age would simply accept wrinkles as a necessary part of life. Now, there’s a new type of woman in town. Dubbed ‘Generation Glam’, today’s over-50s are refusing to step out of the limelight, instead opting for the super glamorous look. And it all comes down to make-up and beauty products – and their all-round proficiency in using them to look fabulous.

New research has shown that UK women over the age of 50 buy the most beauty products – and it’s evident in their understated glamour, their subtle tans which give them glowing skin, their perfect application of make-up.

56-year-old Deri Robins shared her observations from a friend’s 50th birthday party: “Though most had passed their landmark birthday, they were what my mother would describe as ‘wearing well’.

“Their skin appeared as plump and dewy as a twentysomething’s. There was no sign of dryness or uneven pigmentation, the usual markers of mature skin.

“Some of them could even give their teenage daughters a run for their money. Brows were softly shaded to disguise thinning patches; mascara was adeptly used to add subtle, youth-enhancing definition to the eyes. Lips were almost imperceptibly outlined with pencil and filled with a nude lipstick (the same shade as their lip colour to give the impression of naturally fuller lips).”

It’s clear from the increase in sales of beauty products that today’s over-50s are all about looking the best versions of themselves – and we all know that when you look good, you feel good.

With older female celebrities leading the way in the Fabulous Fifties and beyond, the likes of Dame Helen Mirren have never looked so glamorous.

It’s not all good news for the over-50s though, with many now fighting back at the beauty industry for failing to recognise their needs. One study found that 90 per cent of women aged 40 or over feel ‘ignored by fashion and beauty adverts’.

Many also complain that far younger models are often used to advertise products aimed at the older demographic.

Elisabet Allen, 56, said: “They’re missing a trick by patronising us with pictures of 20-year-olds purporting to use anti-ageing products. We have a disposable income and know what we want – and it’s not that.”

So what’s the reason behind Generation Glam? Elisabet explains that it’s all about having more confidence in your appearance.

She added: “Yes, it is hard work looking good in your 50s. But if you’re willing to invest, as I and so many other women clearly are, then frankly, I feel better looking than when I was younger. I have confidence and maturity on my side.”

We think Generation Glam is fantastic – keep up the good work, ladies!

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