04 April 2013

Attractive woman with dark complexionA leading Indian newspaper has published advice to help the many people who suffer from acne as they face up to the summer, when the condition is likely to be at its worst. But, said the Times of India, acne can be nipped in the bud using a number of common medical treatments, along with a regular and thorough skin-cleansing regime. It suggests the following steps as an alternative to the painful and scarring method of picking spots: - Remove make-up thoroughly, then cleanse with a face wash containing salicylic acid a natural substance from the bark of the willow tree - Rinse your face with clean water after getting home each evening - Avoid scrubbing the face, as this can irritate the skin - If using make-up, look for brands which say on the label that they are non-comedogenic, that is, are formulated specifically not to clog the skin's pores - Restrict the amount of time spent in the sun - Keep dandruff at bay, as this can be a major cause of acne on the forehead, and - Don't wear tight clothes to help avoid an acne outbreak on your body. Finally, it suggests consulting a dermatologist if the sufferer suspects the condition is out of control, or may be caused by other issues. He or she may then suggest a course of PPx or photopneumatic therapy, a virtually painless laser treatment which is proven to reduce acne, as well as other skin imperfections such as redness of the skin and freckles.