02 November 2009

George Clooney used to joke about having had cosmetic surgery, but recent photos are causing surgeons to speculate that the star has recently undergone procedures to hold back the years.Make Me Heal reports that the 48-year-old film star surprised fans with his rejuvenated appearance at a recent red carpet event, causing speculation that he has undergone eyelid surgery, also known as blepharoplasty, to remove his heavy upper eyelids resulting in a more refreshed and youthful complexion. According to plastic surgeon, Dr David Shafer: "Looking at the before and after photos, there leaves little question that he had surgical intervention. Often eyelid surgery can be performed from inside the eyelid, so no scars are apparent. Now, just a little Botox Cosmetic and he will be all set." Cosmetic surgeon and rhinoplasty specialist, Dr Paul S Nassif, also speculates that the star has undergone surgery, and is impressed with the natural-looking result. Dr Nassif states: "It is possible that George Clooney had blepharoplasty. In older photos, you can see there is a bit of skin giving the eyes a slightly tired look. The skin is not as apparent in more recent photos. If he did have the surgery, his surgeon was conservative and did a really nice job in creating a subtle change." George Clooney previously confessed to Julia Roberts that he had undergone eyelid surgery, but later explained that the comment had been a joke. However, as the star approaches 50, it seems that he has decided to explore the advantages of plastic surgery after all, to remain viable as one of Hollywood's leading male stars.