07 December 2010

Actor George Clooney has voiced his opinion that young people shouldn't be looking to age defying cosmetic surgery to improve their looks. The heartthrob suggested that people under the age of 25 were really too young to be worrying about looking old, and that there must be another reason for their unhappiness with their looks. He explained he thought there would be better ways for them to boost their self esteem at this young age. According to celebrity news site, George said: "Its fine for other people and if people want to do something that makes them feel better, good luck to them. "The times I worry are when I see some of the younger people out there messing with their faces because I think thats a mistake. I worry about people who are so unhappy with the way they look that they start trying to look younger at 25." It's been widely reported that, George had eyelid surgery last year to help him hang on to his status as one of Hollywood's most desirable older actors but he has been reluctant to go into details with the press. George is currently starring in new movie The American, where he takes on the role of an assassin and in an action flick that proves you don't have to be a younger star to carry off an energetic role.