03 December 2013

Beautiful woman in profileWith figures from the American Society of Plastic Surgery suggesting that facelifts are enjoying a resurgence, the Huffington Post has published an article from a leading Cranio-facial Surgeon answering the most common questions about the procedure. Dr Michael Yaremchuk, who heads a team of specialists based at Massachusetts General Hospital, wrote that the most important factor when deciding on a Facelift procedure was finding a Cosmetic Surgeon whose work produced results most closely matched to those the patient wants. He also recommended that, while a 10 to 14-day recovery time was usual, patients undergoing Facial Surgery should aim to have their procedure a month before any special occasion where they wanted to be able to show off the results to their best effect.As for the end results, Dr Yaremchuk said: "The best facelifts look natural -- as if nothing has been done beyond rest and relaxation." And again, he said the choice of Cosmetic Surgeon was a major factor in ensuring this was achieved. He also stressed that facelifts were more likely to last longer than a course of non-surgical Dermal Fillers: "Real facelift results will last for years, though the longevity depends on several factors including skin quality, significant weight changes and environmental factors such as excessive sun exposure," he said. Checking their professional certification is a must, he added, as membership of many of these bodies is only open to Cosmetic Surgeons who have undergone many years of training, and are regularly re-assessed in order to be able to retain their membership. A spokesman for The Harley Medical Group pointed out that it was rare for its clinics to carry out a Facelift on patients aged under 50.