11 February 2011

Experts recommend that the winter months are the perfect time to have laser hair removal treatments if youre looking to be hair-free in time for the summer. Clinics offering laser hair removal will advise consumers on the optimum number of treatments on an individual basis, but on average, four to five sessions will usually achieve the desired results. While this method of hair reduction and removal is quicker than electrolysis, the treatments must be spaced out over a number of weeks in order to allow the procedure to take effect. As such, planning to have laser hair removal during the winter months is the best idea if you want to be free from unwanted leg, underarm, bikini-line, back, or facial hair in time for the summer. Advances in laser treatments mean that all types and colour of hair can now be treated effectively, including vellus hair (the short, fine hairs often found on the face) and grey hair.