22 August 2014

They say that eyebrows frame the face – and it only takes a few plucks and tweezes to transform your appearance. However, it seems that many people struggle to get the balance right; either overdoing their eyebrow pampering or not tending to their eyebrows at all (which can result in a less-than-balanced face). To achieve brilliant brows, follow these helpful tips:
  1. You know that permanently surprised look, where the eyebrows are stuck in a rainbow arch? Avoid this by grooming your arch using a Brow Quad ratio: brow length of 4.6cm, arch length of 3cm, tail length of 2cm, and a thickness of 0.8cm.
  2. Your inner head of the brow should begin at the bridge of your nose – you can locate this line by holding a pencil vertically by the side of your nose.
  3. The eyebrows should reach to the end of your eye. A simple trick is to take a ruler and angle it from the edge of your nostril to the outer corner of your eye – and where your ruler meets your brow is where the eyebrow should end.
  4. Keep your brows natural. There’s nothing worse than overplucking them, and having to shade in the rest of your shape in a panic. Full-looking eyebrows not only look flattering, but are also timeless.
Round face?Reach for the skies – and aim for a high arch. Straight brows can give your face a wider appearance, while a high arch can help lengthen the face.  Long face?In this case, avoid the high arch – to get a balanced look, keep your brows straight (which in turn, will shorten the look of your face).  Square face?For those with defined jaw lines, go easy on the high arches – a soft curve will immediately soften the corners of your face.   Changing the shape of your brows is an easy Anti-Ageing tip – for a younger-looking face around the brow area, why not try a Brow Lift from The Harley Medical Group? Pap a pic of your eyebrows and post your photos on our Facebook page today!