12 August 2009

Singing star Kimberley Walsh has stated that she "wouldn't rule out" cosmetic surgery. The 27 year old Girls Aloud star, who is currently on a year-long break from the group, says she feels constant pressure to maintain a strict diet, and envies thin stars.Kimberley told Heat: "When I was growing up Kate Moss was really fashionable, that whole waif look, and I knew I could never be like that. "I'm constantly on a diet. I'm not confident or comfortable with my body. I wouldn't rule out surgery." Heat readers voted Kimberley's stomach to be the fifth best stomach in the world in 2004, but as her confidence drops and she approaches her thirties, she may look to procedures such as liposuction or a tummy tuck to retain that honour. The star has also appeared in FHM's annual list of the 100 Sexiest Women in the World every year since 2005, peaking at number 37 in 2009. Kimberley is currently enduring a strict diet to maintain her shape, admitting: "I just go for the healthiest option on the menu. It's boring, but age isn't on my side anymore." Kimberley is not the first member of Girls Aloud to have sparked discussion over cosmetic surgery. Late last year, Cheryl Cole was rumoured to have had breast implants to boost her cup size, after photos were released of the singer in a low-cut dress. Currently occupied by solo recordings and other projects, Girls Aloud members have denied rumours of a split, and have signed a record contract agreeing to release three more albums. Fans can look forward to a new album in 2010.