05 October 2010

In an exclusive interview with the British edition of Marie Claire, cover star Lea Michele - known to many as Glee's singing star Rachel Berry - has spoken of how her small breasts and large nose often attract criticism from the show's producers and industry peers, leaving her feeling a little insecure. Although Lea had earlier refuted claims she would consider having plastic surgery and declared that she was only girl in her high school class "not to get a nose job," the highly-respected gossip blogger Perez Hilton has said that the star is set to turn to nose-reshaping surgery in the near future. And speculation is no doubt set to gather momentum as the Glee actress has revealed to the glossy magazine that the hit show's scriptwriters often poke fun at her modest cleavage and large nose - fuelling speculation the starlet may be considering a boob job or nose job. "They always talk about my boobs being too small and I'm like,'OK,'" the actress said, whilst adding that she tries to laugh off any body comments. "You've got to laugh," she said. However, speaking earlier to Women's Health Magazine, the starlet explained that living in Los Angeles had also left her feeling insecure with her body. "I love myself, the way I look, my body, but sometimes I can't help but feel insecure [in Los Angeles]." Lea said, continuing, "It plays with your head."