31 May 2013

Laser hair removal underarmsGlee star Naya Rivera has revealed her fascination with laser hair removal in an interview with Glow Magazine. She told to the US publication that her main beauty obsessions also include heading down to a local salon and getting her hair done, getting a tan and waxing. The 26-year-old also revealed her views on gay marriage and ideal men in the interview, released this week.“I love getting waxed, or getting tanned, getting my hair done, or laser hair removal,” she said. “I’m obsessed with anything like that.” She also believes that no matter what anyone says, every girl wants to get married – describing the event as “the party of the century”. Although there are no wedding plans for her and rapper Big Sean yet, she listed the qualities she looks for in a man. “He’s really good looking. He’s talented. He’s nice. I don’t know. I like people that are kind. And people who like me.” She added that, in her opinion, marriage should be between any two people who love each other, regardless of gender: “I think that everyone should have the right to be with whoever they love. I mean, love is so rare and – God, first of all, marriage is so hard. “Life is too short. I just don’t think it’s anyone else’s business.”