Gloria Hunniford: I’d love a Face Lift!

28 October 2014

Celebrated radio presenter and TV veteran, Gloria Hunniford, is a household name thanks to her celebrated roles over the years with the BBC and ITV. But while the 74-year-old star has an instantly recognisable face many of us envy, even Hunniford isn’t averse to the idea of undergoing a possible Face Lift. She recently revealed that she’d consider Cosmetic Surgery, whilst speaking on a panel with her fellow ‘Loose Women’ hosts – Jane Moore, Kay Adams and Sherrie Hewson.

Additionally, Hunniford also praised L’Oreal for choosing 69-year-old Dame Helen Mirren as the face of their new advertising campaign – with Hunniford “irritated” by beauty adverts casting young women showcasing unnecessary products.

Gloria explained: “I get so irritated by ads for cosmetics being 18 or 19 year olds, beautifully airbrushed, perfect. I think it’s wonderful that we have Helen, that we have Jane Fonda, we’ve had Diane Keaton doing some cosmetics. I think it’s good. Older women to reign!”  

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