29 August 2012

Since she won gold at the London 2012 Olympic Games, it seems like every woman in the nation has become obsessed with Jessica Ennis’s abs. She showed off a perfectly flat and well-toned tummy as she competed in the heptathlon and now other people want to achieve the same look.One way to do this is to undergo a liposuction procedure. This is often a popular choice among women who are struggling to regain their shape after giving birth, the Northampton Chronicle reports. Another popular procedure is the tummy tuck, which repairs the muscles in the abdomen and gets rid of any flabby skin that may remain after it has been stretched during childbirth. There are different types of tummy tuck available, each of which targets the excess skin in a slightly different area of the stomach. The third way in which people can get a stomach like Jessica’s is to change their lifestyle habits and ensure they eat healthily and exercise regularly to tone up their tummy and get rid of any excess fat.