16 January 2012

Ensuring you have a good skin care regime is key to protecting yourself from the elements during the winter months, according to cosmetics experts. Dry skin and chapped lips are common problems during spells of cold weather and according to dermatologist Dr Steven Grekin and consumer investigator Ruth Spencer, the effects can be painful as well as unsightly.According to a report by online news website Click on Detroit, the pair said a range of affordable skin products are available, such as body washes which can encourage the skin to make moisture, and products which can moisten the lips to help prevent them cracking and bleeding. And according to dermatologist Dr Steven Grekin, men are just as much at risk as women. Dr Grekin said: "It doesn't matter whether you're a man or a woman, you still need to protect your skin in the winter. "Rule number one: stick to the basics, all right. Use the products that have ingredients we know work, and save your money."