07 July 2009

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay has revealed that he's undergone Botox injections to perk up his appearance. The TV personality, who is as famous for his fiery temper as his skills in the kitchen, visited the same cosmetic surgeon favoured by friend Simon Cowell to undergo the treatment. Gordon smoothed out the dimples in his chin with the non surgical procedure and claimed that Simon was instrumental in his decision to go ahead with the treatment.According to The Mirror, Gordon said: "It's Simon's fault. I had lunch with him and he leaned over and started prodding my chin, saying, 'Mate, you've got to do something about this'." Simon has long been a strong advocate of cosmetic surgery, his particular favourite being the wrinkle-reducing benefits of Botox. The music mogul famously ruffled feathers last year when he suggested that all women over 40 should consider cosmetic surgery. The Mirror reports that last month Gordon found himself in similarly hot water when he told Australian TV host Tracy Grimshaw that she looked like a pig and recommended that she see Simon's doctor. Gordon's decision to try Botox is indicative of a greater trend amongst men who no longer see cosmetic surgery as an option open only to women. While Gordon has a naturally craggy appearance, he indicated that the signs of aging were advancing and impacting the way he looked beyond a level he was comfortable with. The star said: "I've always had a face like Freddy Krueger but more people were commenting on my chin. I was getting a complex."