26 January 2011

The latest photographs of Gordon Ramsay seem to reveal a man with a more youthful face, despite the celebrity chef vehemently denying rumours that he has undergone cosmetic surgery procedures. Last week, Ramsay spoke out to the press for the first time since he was snapped on holiday in America looking swollen and puffy earlier this month. He blamed his altered image on an infection caused by gasoline, which was poured on him during the filming of a documentary about illegal shark finning, and on an allergic reaction to horses, which he rode during a family getaway. But now, having recovered from the infection and allergy, Ramsay looks younger and fresh-faced. Photographs of the star, taken in New Orleans where he is filming the latest series of Hells Kitchen USA, and published in the Daily Mail Online today, appeared to reveal a face with less wrinkles than before. Ramsay has admitted to having injectable dermal fillers in the past, to plump up deep lines on his face.