16 March 2010

We thought it was cosmetic surgery advocate Simon Cowell that talked Gordon Ramsay into having his wrinkles reduced, but now the real truth comes out! The foodie has revealed that the real decision makers in his family are his kids. Gordon has said that his children were vocal in their criticisms of his craggy chin, and that he once even woke up to find his daughter Matilda trying to slot pound coins into his creases. She'd be struggling these days; Gordon is looking a lot less ragged! But it seems his kids and Botox-loving Simon weren't the only influencers, as Gordon explained that the reaction to his wrinkled look was more extreme when he went to shoot in Los Angeles. Maybe all the UK viewers had become used to seeing his pronounced chin wrinkles gradually develop! The TV chef has provided a great example for men considering non surgical procedures, who aren't sure how the results could look. A quick peek at the before and after photos and it's easy to see that Gordon looks just like himself, just a younger and fresher faced version. Men thinking about sprucing up their look certainly aren't alone, the number of guys we've had coming through our doors has increased greatly in the last few years. I think this is largely due to the number of male celebrities who come out and say what they've had done, combined with just a larger media presence in general - I've certainly spotted a lot more stories about men and their looks in the last few years. I have to say, while I don't think you should let anyone influence your decision over whether to have cosmetic surgery or not, when you're kids are treating your face like a slot machine - there may be something in it!