25 January 2013

The Hollywood gossip-mongers have been set chattering by pictures of actress Uma Thurman at a recent Paris fashion show. The shots, taken at a Giorgio Armani show, prompted speculation about her "different" appearance. While one of the differences which was noticed could be easily explained a new hair-do in which she had opted for a straighter look it was also noticed that her face seemed remarkably wrinkle and line-free. "Maybe she got a new face", wrote Jennifer Wright on gossip website "My first thought was 'this is a lot like Madonna looked like when she got her new face,'" Wright added. And as Uma is known for tough-woman roles, epitomised by her portrayal of The Bride in Quentin Tarantino's two Kill Bill films, it is the thought that she might resort to cosmetic surgery which seems to have shocked the gossip-mongers the most. "It would make me a little bit sad if Uma Thurman got plastic surgery, just because I associate her characters with being the kind of people who would not give a damn if they had wrinkles or not," Wright wrote.