Government announces decision on cosmetic intervention regulation

13 February 2014

Doc with male patientThe government has today announced its final decision regarding its review of the UK’s Cosmetic Surgery sector. Details of the review, carried out by NHS England Medical Director, Sir Bruce Keogh, have been released, with one of the most prominent suggestions being that those providing Non-Surgical treatments and Cosmetic Surgical procedures should be properly trained, to ensure patient safety.On this matter, he said: “I am confident these changes will create a much safer and skilled cosmetic industry which should reassure both consumers and practitioners”. In addition to the introduction of “training and clear standards for both Surgical and Non-Surgical Procedures”, the government has also stipulated the necessity of proper post-operative care for all patients, adding that standalone procedures are not enough to ensure that the full needs of the patient have been addressed. While these positive measures are to be implemented, Sir Bruce Keogh was careful to stress that “this is the beginning of a journey, not the end”.