30 June 2009

Incorrigible TV personality Graham Norton has revealed that while he is conscious of the ageing process and wishes to appear younger, he has chickened out of having Botox so far.A non surgical cosmetic procedure, Botox is an injectable solution to lines and wrinkles. It has recently been gaining popularity due to the current economic climate and is seen by many as a quick fix or cheaper alternative to more extensive cosmetic work such as face or neck lifts. However, Now magazine reports that the star has revealed that, while he has considered Botox in the past, he now fears that it is too late for him to have the procedure without his fans noticing. He said: "I haven't had any help yet but I've booked in to do my eyes a couple of times and chickened out before. "Maybe it's too late now. I've had these bags for too long to get rid of them quietly." Graham, 46, also said that he is resorting to anti-wrinkle products instead, adding: "I do spend a fortune on creams and potions. "But maybe I'd look even worse without it?" Currently heading a new BBC show, called Totally Saturday, the TV star's consideration of Botox and other rejuvenating treatments reflects a general trend in male attitude. Recent figures suggest that the number of men undergoing and cosmetic surgery continues to rise despite the recession. However, the top five procedures for men do not include Botox at the moment. In order of popularity, the top treatments currently include rhinoplasty (nose jobs), eyelid surgery, ear corrections, liposuction and male breast reduction.