23 March 2009

Grazia - Anti-Ageing ReportThe Bespoke Peel The new-to-the-UK Obagi Blue Chemical Peel uses a special blue dye that allows a dermatologist to see how deeply the peel sinks into a patients skin, before deciding how much solution is needed. Most peels have a one size fits all element to them, meaning that everybody regardless of their age and skin sensitivity has the same amount of solution applied, says Lisa Littlehales from The Harley Medical Group. But the Obagi Blue Chemical Peel is much more bespoke. The peel contains an acid that breaks down old layers of skin, leaving it tighter and younger. It also reduces fine lines and wrinkles. The whole process takes about 20 minutes, and patients will have a bluish tint to their face for up to 24 hours. Final results can be seen after three weeks. The peel costs from 950 (which includes a starter pack of creams and a follow-up appointment).