20 January 2011

An American plastic surgeon has revealed that more and more patients are opting to combine surgical and non-surgical procedures to change multiple areas of the body at once and to cut recovery times. In an interview with online magazine American Health and Beauty, Denver Board certified surgeon Dr Jason Martin said: I perform multiple procedures at the same time, and I think plastic surgery as a field is going toward that direction. People want to get natural changes, but they want to treat the whole body not just one area. As the overall demand for cosmetic surgery and non-surgical procedures increases, Dr Martin also told the online magazine that nowadays he rarely performs single treatments and describes this shift as the newer way. Some combinations are not, however, a new phenomenon. UK clinics have been combining face lifts with neck lifts, liposuction with tummy tucks, and non-surgical treatments such as skin peels with medical microdermabrasions, for many years.