07 September 2011

123718397Kninkles, or knee wrinkles, have become the latest foe of celebrities everywhere, according to a report by the Daily Mail. The newspaper has published pictures of 15 models and actresses it claims are suffering from excessive lines around their knees. Following on from pictures of Gwyneth Paltrow holidaying in a pair of shorts in Venice over the weekend, it has pulled together a list of celebs including Jennifer Aniston, Madonna and Helen Mirren, all of whom it's claimed are sufferers.Plastic surgeon Rajiv Grover said: "You need some redundant skin around your knee or you wouldnt be able to bend it. Thats fine when youre younger and your skin is like Lycra, with lots of elasticity, but as you get older, your skin can start to look loose." He went on to say that loose skin in that area tends to affect very thin people who are a dress size six and under, and that not losing too much weight is one way to help ward off kninkles. Cosmetic knee lifts are often not the way to deal with the problem, as non-surgical solutions are preferable. According to another skincare expert, radio-frequency treatments can work well to tighten slack skin around the knee area. Exercises to tone the muscles above the knee and a good use of moisturiser can also help.