17 December 2010

Star of the screen Gwyneth Paltrow has sparked a slew of Botox rumours, after being spotted with an extremely smooth complexion. At an appearance in Beverly Hills, where the actress was promoting her new film Country Strong, Gwyneth was noted to be looking very fresh faced, causing many to question whether she'd been making use of non surgical solutions such as Botox and fillers. Speaking to Hollywood Life, facial plastic surgeon Dr. Steven Dayan claimed he could tell she'd had treatment, and said: "Her forehead has an appearance consistent with someone who has been treated with Botox." This isn't the first time the star has been at the centre of cosmetic surgery rumours either, with various sources claiming she had a nose job and possible chin augmentation when she was younger. 2008 also saw a fuller-figured Gwyneth attracting speculation about a potential breast enlargement, with a plastic surgeon telling America's Page Six: "She didnt use to have anything up top. Now she does, and they are perky." While the claims remain unsubstantiated rumours at the moment, Gwyneth is well known for looking after her looks and her health. She's keen to eat healthy, and to share her diet beliefs. For example, in her regular newsletter, the star reveals her opinion on everything from unhealthy diets to way to cope with stress, including a recent article about the way refined sugar can affect health and happiness.