Gynaecologist advises patients to do their research before vaginal reshaping surgery

07 July 2011

stk212569rkeA cosmetic gynaecologist has spoken out about the importance of knowledge and research for those patients considering vaginal reshaping surgery. During an interview with a television network in Miami, Florida, Dr Mark Scheinberg had the chance to warn women that a lack of familiarity with the procedure could lead to complications.Talking about cosmetic surgery performed by an unqualified surgeon, Dr Scheinberg said: “Since the damage caused by the surgery [can be] so severe, the patient will require several surgeries to rectify the problem. However, even then we can’t guarantee the end result.” he said. As well as having a good understanding of the procedure, Dr Scheinberg stressed the importance of finding a recognised, qualified, registered and experienced surgeon to carry out the operation. “If you are thinking about such a procedure, do your research. Discover what training your doctor has received and find out the number of similar procedures he or she has done,” he added.