25 November 2013

Doc with male patientA man who developed excess breast tissue as a result of a hormone imbalance has told of his anguish at living with the condition for nearly a decade. Farshad Hashemzadeh's Gynaecomastia became so bad that he would put on extra vests to hide the B-cup breast on one side - and even tried to cut it off himself, after being denied treatment on the National Health Service. The unwanted breast tissue started developing when Hashemzadeh, a car parts salesman, was 18.Attempts by his GP to stop the growth using medication were initially successful, but stopped working after two months Hashemzadeh told ITV's This Morning show. The condition is caused by a hormone imbalance, and the show's resident GP, Dr Jonty Heaversedge, said it was "surprisingly common, particularly with men over 50." The 28-year-old finally underwent Breast Reduction Surgery last month, after his 30-year-old girlfriend, Charlene Cullen, helped him raise money towards the 3,000 cost of having the procedure carried out privately. He even told how he was kept awake during the operation, because "I wanted to believe I was getting rid of it". And he concluded that, once his scar has healed, he is looking forward to feeling "like a man" again.