Habits you need to stop if you want wrinkle-free skin

Habits you need to stop if you want wrinkle-free skin

29 May 2015

We all know the importance of a good Skin Care regime, but what if we told you that you might actually be doing more harm than good? Here’s a round-up of the habits you need to stop if you want wrinkle-free skin for longer.

1. No more eye tugging

Trying to create the perfect cat flick with your eyeliner can be tricky, and often involves a lot of eye tugging to achieve it. Whenever you apply makeup toy our eyes, be careful not to pull too much on the delicate skin as this can lead to puffy eyes, wrinkles and broken blood vessels.

2. No more skipping sunscreen

Religiously applying sunscreen on holiday is all well and good, but failing to do so on a daily basis, even when driving your car will leave your skin exposed to the sun’s damaging UV rays. Remember to use sunscreen every day for maximum protection.

3.No more sleeping on your front or your side

You may find it comfier to curl up on your side or bury your face in the pillow when you sleep but doing so can lead to premature wrinkles. If you absolutely cannot sleep on your back, experts recommend investing in a satin pillowcase as this will be kinder to your skin.

4.No more products (kind of)

Many women make the mistake of assuming that the more products they put on their skin, the more effective their Anti-Ageing regime will be. In actual fact, less is more when it comes to keeping those wrinkles at bay. Stick to retinols, SPF sand antioxidants for tried and tested results.

5.No more TV and computer screen close-ups

Having to strain your eyes or squint to see your computer or television screen causes premature wrinkles to form around your eyes. Experts suggest sitting up to two feet away from screens and maintaining good posture to help prevent against horizontal neck lines too. Remember to take regular eye breaks throughout the day to give your peepers a rest.

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Image Credit: VladimirFloyd/ iStock/ Thinkstock