05 September 2008

It may not have been the sunniest of summers, but I still like to get a little of my legs on show when I can - whether that means ankle skimming pedal pushers on greyer days or a little above the knee skirt when I'm feeling brave. But the problem of hairy legs always raises itself - as it does for so many women.

That's why laser hair removal is proving ever more popular. Not only does it save time in the mornings, but it removes the risk of nasty shaving rashes and messy cuts. And it's a non-invasive procedure that's been taking off with young women in the States apparently.

Better still, it's not just for your legs. Your bikini area, arm pits and even your facial hair can be treated too. I, for one, find the idea of being able to cancel that dreaded monthly bikini wax a very attractive option! Sure, it might be a little more costly than getting waxed in salon or periodically buying new razors for your shaving kit - but doesn't the convenience, and long-term cost effectiveness, make it worth it?

Laser hair removal isn't just for girls either. Remember the episode of Sex and the City when Harry waxes his hairy back to make Charlotte happy? He could have saved himself those painful-looking red marks if he'd only opted for laser hair removal!

In fact, the back is the most popular removal site for most men, though some decide to take the plunge and branch out to other areas. It makes a change to think of men looking for hair removal solutions doesn't it? But there's no denying that, just as some people like the look of hairy bodies, others prefer them silky smooth. The nice thing is that, these days, the choice to be hairy or not is ours.