29 March 2010

A new survey suggests that South African women are, like their English, Australian and American counterparts, keen on cosmetic surgery. Heat magazine questioned more than 500 women and 100 men on their website with the intent of finding out how they felt about their bodies and their opinions of cosmetic surgery. According to Times Love, the magazine found that 56 per cent of the South African women polled said they would consider cosmetic surgery. However, only 6 per cent said they had already had plastic surgery. A recent survey carried out by new cosmetic surgery chat show, MyFaceMyBody, found that more than half of UK women would like to enhance their breasts, while the Victoria Cosmetic Institute also found that 37 per cent of Australian women over 40 are embracing cosmetic surgery. South African women were also found to be particularly concerned by cellulite, with 41 per cent of women saying they would do anything to get rid of it. Additionally, Heat's survey revealed that the body shape most women coveted was that of Scarlett Johansson. The majority of men also chose her curvaceous shape as their ideal, with only 6 per cent of respondents saying they would prefer a model-thin body like that of Agyness Deyn. Melinda Shaw, the magazine's editor, said: "I was surprised that as many as 28 per cent of readers said they would never wear a bikini. "Forty per cent of the respondents said they're confident enough for a bikini, but only if they can also wrap up in a sarong - it seems we South African girls haven't totally made peace with our bums and our tums!"