15 March 2012

An increasing number of women are choosing to have cosmetic treatments carried out on their hands, according to the New York Times. Wrinkles, brown spots and unsightly veins can all become a thing of the past for people who feel the look of their hands is at odds with the rest of their appearance. Now it seems action is being taken, with more and more people opting to have 'hand lifts'.The procedure only takes a few minutes, and involves injecting synthetic fillers under the first layer of skin on a patient's hands in order to plump them up. It is also possible to have laser skin procedures to remove sun spots and other blemishes. Dr Keith Marcus, a facial plastic surgeon in California, told the newspaper that he expects the popularity of hand lifts to continue and said hands have become one of the most popular areas in his practice. He said: "Over the course of the next three or four years, youre going to see a lot of focus on this." See the original story here: