28 April 2009

With Hannah Montana hitting screens this Friday, much attention has been turned to the stars and their looks. Celebrity surgery blog Make Me Heal has pinpointed which members of the cast have or are most likely to have undergone cosmetic surgery in the past, focussing in particular on Vanessa Williams, supermodel Tyra Banks and musician Billy Ray Cyrus.While the majority of the young cast members transferring from the film's hit television counterpart to the big screen version seem to be surgery free, its guest stars - Vanessa Williams and Tyra Banks - are not. According to Make Me Heal, Williams has undergone wrinkle-relaxing injections to keep her forehead smooth and the blog spoke to surgeon Dr. Nasif, who suggested that the star had received rhinoplasty at some point. Supermodel Tyra Banks is also in the rhinoplasty ranks, as well as possibly having undergone a breast augmentation to fill her figure out further. Plastic surgeon Dr. Aston told Make Me Heal: "Tyra Banks has obviously had a rhinoplasty and breast augmentation. "The nasal correction is a nice change from her earlier rather wide nose. The surgeon did a good job in balancing her unique ethnic look and improving her features. She has a very harmonious, soft look that has made her quite successful." Cyrus was also a source of speculation for the site but it concluded that he had not yet undergone any cosmetic surgery. According to surgeon Dr. Shafter however, he could could benefit from "a touch of midface fuller and an upper blepharoplasty. "This would give him a more youthful and awake appearance."